Knoydart Ferry Timetable and Fares

The Knoydart Seabridge Ferry sails several times a day, every day, between the Scottish fishing village of Mallaig at the end of the West Highland Line and Inverie on the northern shore of the Loch Nevis inland sea.

How much does the Ferry to Knoydart cost?

Our foot-passenger fares across Loch Nevis:

  • Mallaig to Inverie - £11 one-way or £20 return.
  • Inverie to Mallaig - £11 one-way or £20 return.
  • Mallaig-Inverie-Mallaig - £15 day return.

How long does the Ferry to Knoydart take?

Our Knoydart Ferry crosses Loch Nibheis in just 25-30 minutes.

Knoydart Seabridge Ferry Timetable 2015

N.B. Please note, when reviewing the Knoydart Seabridge Ferry Timetable below, that...

...the current 2015 Winter Sea Crossing times...

...are the same as the sea crossing times shown for Winter 2015-16 (towards the bottom of the timetable).

2015 Timetable

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