Let us Sail you to Knoydart for Memories that will Last a Lifetime...

Knoydart Seabridge Ferry's Odyssey
Knoydart Seabridge Ferry's Odyssey - 35 knots to Inverie, from Mallaig

Why sail with Knoydart Seabridge Ferry to Knoydart?

Fast, reliable ferry service from Mallaig to Inverie.
Our ferry timetable is designed to connect with rail services to and from Glasgow. If you’re staying on Knoydart you can make a road trip to Fort William and return the same day.
As a sea taxi, we can arrange pick-up and drop-off times to suit yourself.
Competitive prices
Especially for boat charter.
Our skippers are qualified and experienced. Our vessels comply with MCA Coding regulations and are fully insured.
Our boats offer warmth and shelter from the elements.

Sea Taxi Service...

We also provide a flexible and competitive sea taxi service for individuals or groups, with pick-up and drop-off times to suit yourself.

Would you like to go ashore on a beautiful, deserted beach for a family picnic, with a pick-up later on?

Perhaps you want to tackle one of Knoydart’s Munros, with transport to or from a pre-arranged point... or experience a night of wild camping under the stars on your own beach?

If you’d like to come over to the Old Forge at Inverie for Sunday lunch or an evening meal, we can take you there and ferry you back to Mallaig afterwards. Most of our shoreline is inaccessible by road, and it would take you a very long time to walk there... so let us take care of the transport, and then you can really relax.

The possibilities are endless - just give us a call.

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