Knoydart Ferry: Your questions answered

How many people can you take?
We can transport a maximum of 12 people on each boat.

How long is the crossing?
It takes apprximately half an hour to complete the sea-crossing from Mallaig to Inverie.

What kind of boats do you operate?
We have 3 vessels: the Venturer, a 13-metre Interceptor 42, the Meri 3, a 12-metre miniature landing-craft and the
Odyssey, a fast jet-boat. All three are fully coded to MCA Standards.

What I can I bring with me?
Anything that will fit on our boat... kayaks, fishing-tackle, canoeing-gear, dogs... and whatever else you want to bring with you on holiday!

Can I be picked up or dropped off anywhere?
Yes, as long as we can land there and it's within the range of our vessels.

We can't, for example, take you to Iceland or Norway!

However, we can take you to anywhere on Knoydart, plus to lots of places along Scotland's Northwest coastline and of course to the many islands of Scotland's Inner Hebrides.

The bottom line is: we're here to help you - just give us a ring with your enquiry on 01687 462 916.

Knoydart SeaBridge
Knoydart Seabridge - Knoydart's own Regular Fast Ferry

Do I need to book?
Yes! You need to book the sea taxi & boat charter in advance - it's easy to Contact Us.

Even if you just require our regular ferry service, we strongly advise you to call us beforehand on on our number. Here it is again: 01687 462 916.

What's next?

Did you know...?

If you'd like to come over to The Old Forge at Inverie for Sunday Lunch or an evening meal, we can take you there and ferry you back to Mallaig afterwards.

Most of our shoreline is inaccessible by road and it would take you a very long time to walk there...

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